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3 ways to run your business while you’re pregnant

I’m soooo pregnant. 22 weeks tomorrow to be exact (at time of writing).

This week I’ve jumped into #Periscope and interestingly the one thing I was asked about a LOT was how I’m continuing to run my business while I’m pregnant.

To be clear, not much has really changed for me. My work is desk based so it’s not like I’m performing in any way or needing to change the way I go about actually doing the job I do BUT having said that, there’s nothing like a non-negotiable deadline for encouraging you to streamline.

In preparation for our new apprentice joining the team later this year here are my the top 3 things I’ve done so far that have drastically reduced the amount of time I need to spend just getting stuff DONE.

1. Hire a housekeeper

I’ve said this before when talking about the best way to outsource. Pregnant or otherwise, hiring a really good, reliable housekeeper is a total game changer. Examples of tasks I no longer have to fit into my week include: bed changing, hoovering, all cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping and food preparation.

Imagine how your week would look with all of this taken care of by someone else? How many hours would this free you up for that you could spend working on your business (or napping)?

2. Sure up your systems

We all know that good systems makes for smooth sailing. Are you getting the most out of yours?

If there is training available, make full use of it to check that you’re getting the very best out of everything that your systems have to offer you. It’s likely that you’re just scratching the surface of how much easier you could be making your life.

My top 2 systems that I wouldn’t be without:

Basecamp – project management and then some (our clients love it too)

17hats – this is a new one for me but it’s a game changer. One single space for creating quotes, keeping track of communications, to do lists, contract and even invoicing and online payments.

3. Schedule your socks off

This is possibly the toughest one of all to stick to but trust me – if you do this you’ll not only save your sanity whilst pregnant but also prepare yourself fully for the time you need to take away from the business when the baby is born.

For me, scheduling has meant planning in different sized time chunks. I’m planning the day ahead in hourly chunks (including scheduled nap time), the week ahead, the month ahead and the remainder of the year.

I have an epic wall chart that takes up almost a whole wall that I bought at the start of the year not knowing how badly I was going to come to rely upon it.

I’m scheduling behind the scenes like nobodies business. Blog posts, emails, social media content – you name it, I’m creating it by the truckload so that once this little bundle arrives I can sit back and enjoy things.

Set your weekly schedule now and then at start of each day write out your priority to do list. Make sure to build in time write future blog posts and associated sharing content. This is the stuff that allows you the freedom to loosen the reins a little when you need to the most.

With pregnancy, you can never predict the twists and turns that you may be presented with. What you can do however is set yourself up for success regardless of what comes your way.

Have you kept your own business running whilst pregnant or having a newborn baby? Share your tips in the comments below and I’ll send your virtual muffins as thanks.

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  1. Becky

    Congrats on the addition to your team! Hope that baby’s got some business skills so s/he can contribute right away! I’ve heard of 17 hats but I’ve kept thinking it can’t be that great. Now that you’ve endorsed it, I’m going to check it out. Thanks, Laura!



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