How to Deal With Entrepreneurial Anxiety - Laura Husson

How to Deal With Entrepreneurial Anxiety

There’s no escape. Going it alone has its ups and downs. One of the biggest challenges we come up against as entrepreneurs – is the dreaded anxiety.

You know the feeling. Shallow breathing, sleepless nights, inner chaos reigning supreme.

“What if they say no?”

“What if I don’t hit that epic milestone?”

“What if I fail?”

“What if the money runs out?”

“What if…. what if…. what if…. ?”

What if

Stop for a moment and consider this.

What if – they say YES?

What if – you smash that milestone with ease?

What if – you succeed beyond your wildest dreams?

What if – you made more money than you knew what to do with?

What if – I told you that all of these are possibilties.

More than that – they are all your possibilities and they’re ready for the taking.

Step into it

The biggest advantage you can impart upon your entrepreneurial journey is to embrace the infinite possibilities that the winding road you are traveling allows.

That’s no mean feat. Endless opportunities can be difficult to deal with. We work well with constraints and direction.

To allow yourself to really follow your dreams, you simply have to turn yourself towards them and let the rest take care of itself.

Deep breath

Today – pause for just a moment. Take 5 minutes out of your schedule to clear your mind and allow your direction to find you. Clear the white noise and the distraction – it’s all there to try and lure you off your path.

You’re too smart to be misled.

What came through for you in your quiet time? Leave me a comment below to tell me about your dreams and the one tiny step you’re going to take to turn towards them.




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