Scary is the eve of Awesome - Laura Husson

Scary is the eve of Awesome

Trust me dude. I’ve been there.

  • Clammy palms
  • Sleepless nights
  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Brain fog




Bleurgh. It’s allllll a part of the package.

And it’s all entirely normal.

Feeling the fear

These pesky little glitches in your bid for entrepreneurial success are simply success blocks in disguise.

They’re there to weed out those who mean business from those who just fancied playing shop.

When the going gets tough – you can bet your vision boarded Jimmy Choos that only the strong, focused and prepared are equipped to leap these hurdles.

Doing it anyway

What sets you apart from the others is how you respond when these blockers are thrown in your way.

As a former platform game-aholic, I like to envisage these blocks as the invaders in my game. Rather than run away from them, I face them head on and show them what I’m made of (bonus points for special move combos are my speciality).

To really enjoy great success, this is something you’ll have to attune yourself to doing on a regular basis and when you least expect to.

Fronting up

So – how do these suckers present themselves?

In a whole wide-ranging variety of ways.

Plus, you can trust me when I tell you that the better you get at recognising them, the trickier they plan their disguises (sneaky, hey?).

*Silver lining alert*: Each time you face one of these fears, you never have to confront it in the same way again. Even better – each time you’re presented with a similar theme or situation, you’re just that little bit more prepared to laugh in its face.

The only choice you have when something scary stands in your way is this:

Look it in the eye and tell it – “I’m not afraid of you”.

You won’t believe it yourself at first – and that’s ok. But the more you say it, do it and feel it – the easier it will become.

Practice really does make perfect.

An important note

There’s a belief that when you reach a certain level of success, fame or fortune that you rise above any type of scary scenario.

I’m here to tell you that isn’t the case.

There will always be scary scenarios – they’ll morph and evolve to expand with you.


Plus… If it’s never scary – you’re not pushing hard enough.

When we feel fear, it’s because we’re stepping outside of our comfort zone. While, those steps won’t always take us in the right direction – generally you can rely on the fact that in order to find out, you’re gonna have to push on through some ick.

Lessons will be learned. Be ready to take notes.

Introducing – The eve of awesome

When you feel those familiar gross signs – anchor yourself in the positive.

Get excited.

Something amazing is on the other side of this feeling!

Even if it doesn’t present itself right away, you can absolutely trust without a shadow of a doubt that ‘scary’ really is the eve of something awesome.

Awesome eve, if you will.

Organise your toolbox – we’re going in

Don’t be scared of feeling scared.

Safe is a nice comfy option, I hear that in full.

But… if you can push through to the other side of ‘Awesome eve’ – imagine how insanely fantastic that’s got to feel.

Think of a time where you’ve felt the fear and done it anyway (sometimes these are ‘have to’ situations like going to the dentist or having a super awkward conversation). In the before zone – you typically can’t see that life even exists beyond the scenario you’re dreading. #headinsand

The reality is that by getting in the zone and preparing, you can allow yourself to embrace what lies ahead with the added hidden bonus of probably attracting a mind-blowingly fabulous outcome into the deal.

Fear busters

I’ve prepared a checklist for you to use when you’re in any kind of situation where you feel bleurgh about what you need to face in your business. Hit the button below and get to work any time you need to flip those butterflies into useful energy.

Take action

Share with me below – when have you experienced first hand proof that scary is the eve of awesome? How did you push through? How did you feel once you’d made it to the other side?

I can’t wait to read your stories!

Here’s to being AWESOME – whatever it takes.




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