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I’ve talked about this lady A. LOT. in my time online. Denise Duffield Thomas is the author of Lucky B**** and Get Rich Lucky B****. Her no nonsense, easily relatable style was my first... Read This Post!
Trust me dude. I've been there. Clammy palms Sleepless nights Nausea Loss of appetite Brain fog Fear. Doubt. Anxiety. Bleurgh. It's allllll a part of the package. And it's... Read This Post!
First and foremost: Fantasy clients DO EXIST… (lots and lots of them) Newsflash. There’s more than one, single fantasy client out there. In fact, there’s an endless list of them waiting... Read This Post!
Blueprints, formulas, secret recipes for overnight six figure success? It's time to get real. You're (probably) not going to make $1M in your sleep tonight if you just came up with your big idea... Read This Post!
Fate. Luck. Kismet. Call it what you will. The Universe sometimes moves in the most mysterious of ways. This week, whilst browsing through my long list of bookmarked websites I wanted... Read This Post!
Listen up. I am about to share something that every business owner needs to hear right now. What I'm about to say is one of those "yeah, I know about this..." topics. But you're STILL NOT... Read This Post!
Running an online business is hard work. Starting an online business is even harder. Typically the process goes something like: 1. Realise that you have something people are willing to pay... Read This Post!
There's no escape. Going it alone has its ups and downs. One of the biggest challenges we come up against as entrepreneurs - is the dreaded anxiety. You know the feeling. Shallow breathing,... Read This Post!
In the early days of running my online business I was almost apologetic that people were giving me money in exchange for my services. Crazy - right? We've all been there at some point. We’re... Read This Post!
It’s not just you. K? I spent my entire career as a teacher expecting someone to walk into my classroom mid lesson and hoik me outta there because I wasn’t really grown... Read This Post!
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