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I love a new year. A blank canvas, a fresh start, a clean slate. Following the beautiful bubble of maternity leave, this week is my first week back in the saddle here. Wanna know a secret? I... Read This Post!
It's not every day you stumble across someone in a Facebook group who has a claim to fame that knocks your socks off. When I saw Christine Tremoulet's name drop into the conversation on a thread I... Read This Post!
If you're anything like me - well the 2014 version of me, then the word SALES makes you feel anxious, panicked, clueless.... gross. Don't worry. I found the fix for all of that and today I want... Read This Post!
If you're in business - sit up and pay close attention. Today's video will walk you through a simple process to allow you to tune in to your customer's thoughts and use them to help you communicate... Read This Post!
I'm soooo pregnant. 22 weeks tomorrow to be exact (at time of writing). This week I've jumped into #Periscope and interestingly the one thing I was asked about a LOT was how I'm continuing to run... Read This Post!
Sounds weird but stick with me. For the uninitiated, a multi-way bra promises the world. You can wear it in a whole plethora of ways and magically disguise your bra straps no matter how daring your... Read This Post!
I bet you’re just like me. You sign up for freebies, video training and webinars all the time and end up with an inbox that would do a jungle proud. After that initial enthusiastic connection, the... Read This Post!
Clients often enquire with us to find out if we are ‘web designers’. The honest answer to that is that my team is formulated of both web designers AND web developers. Each are specialist in... Read This Post!
Ten secrets 1. I'm a total adrenaline junkie and love pushing my own limits. I have been skydiving, shark diving, white water rafting and even walked on hot coals. 2. I trained to compete in the... Read This Post!
O.M.G. Something big is a comin'. Can you feel the winds of change? Mark your calendar for Monday 19th January and be sure to check in with me on that day. I'll likely have shaking hands and be... Read This Post!
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