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When I started blogging I was stabbing in the dark. I didn’t know who I was writing to; or if I’m honest – why. I had a passion for writing and spending time online, the two combined perfectly... Read This Post!
Do you know how important the 'About' page is to your website? Generally, this page is the second most clicked page after your homepage. If this comes as a surprise to you it might be time to... Read This Post!
Social Media. Two words that roll off the tongue of every business owner who has an online presence no matter how small. For most bloggers, the majority of new traffic stems from their presence on... Read This Post!
It's a question we all think we know the answer to. But are you really using images to their best outcome to promote and brand your blog posts? I was asked by a successful blogger: How do I bring... Read This Post!
Firstly; you are not alone! Almost every single start out blogger asks this question when they first start blogging (yes including me!). It's a daunting task considering what you might want to... Read This Post!
You know that thing where you're reading a blog post and feel like you've been conned into reading what appears to be - nothing more than a blatant advert for a product or service of some kind? This... Read This Post!
When I launched the Weekend Takeaway Q&A series, one of the most commonly asked Q's was: How do I get more comments on my blog posts? In this video I explain a clear, easy to follow strategy to... Read This Post!
A hot topic for Q's coming in this week has been the ever mysterious arena of advertising. Should you do it? What are the pitfalls? Is it too good to be true? How do you protect... Read This Post!
Happy Friday! It's your second Weekend Takeaway - and I can't tell you how many technical hurdles tried to stop me bringing this to you before Friday was up - I was determined to stick to schedule... Read This Post!
Ready to take action? From time to time I will hand-pick readers who have asked me a question and provide easy to implement, actionable stuff to help you blast your way through the www. A very... Read This Post!
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