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Break the Internet – I digi dare you

Blueprints, formulas, secret recipes for overnight six figure success?

It’s time to get real.

You’re (probably) not going to make $1M in your sleep tonight if you just came up with your big idea yesterday.

You’re (probably) not going to grow an email list of 30,000 raving fans in the next three weeks.

You’re (probably) not going to surpass somebody’s success by using their secret formula.


Because adopting these methods, systems and ways of doing things isn’t enough.

To really make an impact in this noisy online world we revolve in – you have to be innovative in your niche.

Disruptive, even.

Ooh… How does that sound?

We’re taught from a very young age how to behave, fit in and mind our manners. Now I’m telling you to heck with that. It’s time to shake things up?

Here’s the thing…

The only secret to epic, huge, dream-like success is that you have to be willing to push past the point where others stop because it gets uncomfortable.

You have to be willing to ruffle some feathers and handle the consequences from doing so.

So the only question is…. Are YOU willing?

Stepping out and up

Take a look around you. I’m sure you’ve observed people launching, celebrating, planning and building the varying stages of their business.

How did it make you feel when you witnessed what seemed like a rapid explosion of success?

Did you pay attention to what triggered you?

What if… instead of feeling doubtful, envious and insecure – you allowed yourself to feel challenged?

Urged to reach higher?

Nudged into taking these systems, blueprints and success formulas you’re bombarded with and blowing them wide open?

Perhaps even finally creating your own unique blend for… inimitable success.

Inimitable success?

This is it. The dreeeeam.

Creating your own formula that no one else can replicate – no matter how hard they try.

Your brand, your values and your one-of-a-kind vibe that only the people who truly believe in your message are attracted to.

Make no mistake. That stuff is where the money is.

Let’s talk straight. This isn’t the polished, manner-minding version of you that knows which fork to pick up first during the 3rd course in a fancy schmancy restaurant. This is the no holds barred, full personality on display, warts and all version of you.

You’re not looking to ‘the rules’ of others because you’re fully focused on creating your own rules as you go. After all, isn’t that the very nature of being an entrepreneur?

Standing in your own light and really allowing others to see you ooze your brilliance.

Does it get better?

When the message is undeniably CLEAR and the passion is flowing, the people who want to work with you flock.

The best part to all this? You don’t even have to do anything to step into this – you already own everything you need. There’s no high ticket course, 5-figure coaching package or far flung retreat that can change or shape who you are.

You just have to embrace it and know that your people are waiting for you to do just that.

Look at your mentors and role models. They’re standing in the spotlight loud and proud.

Sexy, right?

Law of Attraction

We’re attracted to confidence. We’re even more attracted to clarity.

When someone speaks with that sharp definition that only laser cut clarity provides – it’s irresistible.

Remember those feathers? You’re set to ruffle quite a few on your path to greatness. And that’s just as it should be. You won’t please all the people – and you definitely shouldn’t waste your time trying.

Instead – stay tight in your lane. Keep on trucking no matter what and you’ll find that without even trying, you’ll draw a crowd.

Go big. Chase those dreams you’re holding. They’re yours for the taking.

It’s time to break free from hunting out success using the proven formulas of others.

It’s time to carve your own path.

You? You’re set to break the internet with your awesome value and your quirky ways.

Your time is now.

I dare you.

Be you.

You’re beautiful.

Take Action

99.9% of of people reading this blog post will click away at this point. You’re the 0.01% who can feel their brain gearing up to contemplate how you’re going to take on this challenge to shake things up in your niche.

Take a moment, leave a comment below and tell the world – what’s unique about you? What would make people run to you (or from you!) that you’re not already sharing? Bonus points for adding… How can you bring more of that to what you do?




  1. Morgan Gist MacDonald

    Thanks for another stellar post, Laura! What’s unique about me? I know how to help people write a freaking amazing book, and i have the internet marketing know-how to optimize how that book can leverage your business and platform. book Writing + Business strategy, all in one, friendly package. 🙂

  2. susan-jane rome

    A big fat juicy yes! to this! and inimitable is one of my favorite words, as is grace and grit.
    I usually coach my clients on skype and after saying hi, i switch my video off because my face registers everything that’s going on with me and i don’t want them to be distracted by my responses or to focus on me but to journey inward. i love that – my real, raw, undiluted truth is out there. I do profoundly deep work to root out blocks, beliefs and sub-conscious programming that keeps women stuck or from up-leveling. they’re mostly, no that’s bs – pretty much always, not aware of these blocks. i hold nothing back, because your results, your success, your fulfilling and actualizing your potential is way more important to me than being nice, being liked or making friends. and yet i hold sacred space that establishes the safety to go where they need to. i often get called magical or compared to a surgeon cutting out these blocks so that they are removed. gone. then i have a gift for honing in on your zone of genius, and how to package and monetize it. My passion is serving to ignite women’s power, authenticity, success and full personal and financial freedom. freedom is a super big value of mine. as is love and connection. this got lengthy but i’m not apologizing :). and the caps wont turn off, which i am kinda sorry about.
    thank you for your brilliance laura and for this prompt. keep agitating those waves!

  3. Liesje

    Thanks for Sharing.
    Yes, yes, it takes cojones to step up your game and get out the ‘same-old-same-old’ box.
    My brain is gearing up indeed.
    what makes me unique is that I give people ‘magical’ tools to tap into their inner rockstar/wizard and unapologetically make their wildest dreams come true!!

  4. Kristin

    Yes! I needed this post today, so thank you Laura for speaking your mind!

    My biggest aha Lately has been that the more I lead with my heart the more I am able to Fully be me.

    I can help women embrace their health, bodies and life. And I can do that because I’ve done the journey myself. I have crushed addictions and destructive patterns. And I can start talking more (Loudly) about it! Time to stop hiding behind pretty pictures of healthy food dishes…



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