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Web Designer or Developer?

Clients often enquire with us to find out if we are ‘web designers’.

The honest answer to that is that my team is formulated of both web designers AND web developers. Each are specialist in their own field. Which leads to question – what’s the difference?

Allow me to enlighten you:

Web designers

When you come up with the notion that you need a website (or a website upgrade), you will often associate that thought with an image of some kind. However evolved that visual concept is – it’s this that initiates the process that will morph into your finished website.

The journey of creation starts out by working through a design process where your goals, likes, references and ideas will be moulded into suggested artistic directions. The mockups that will be created are in the form of an image rather than a living, working website where you can see it in full working order. From this stage – and with your approval – a concept will be followed through to the complete final stages of design.

Once you’re excited enough about that design that you want to make it real and get it on to the www – it’s time to enter the world of…

Web developers

Developers are the people who take something beautiful and turn it into endless strings of CSS, HTML, Java Script any anything else you care to mention (but not necessarily understand). In other words, we make it real.

It’s our job to make sure that everything not only looks great but behaves and functions flawlessly. We work behind the scenes to bring your aesthetic to the www in all it’s deserved glory. And make no mistake – it’s an involved process.

A true developer can work from the ground up to create anything you can dream up. While creating website using themes is a great middle ground – that’s not really where you get the most out of hiring a developer. A well skilled Virtual Assistant will be able to man handle a WordPress theme into submission for you whereas a developer will create you a theme of your own and take you from the world of cookie cutter website syndrome to creating ‘ooh I want a website like THAT!’ kinda feedback.

Make sense?

Now the interesting part is that both of these roles need each other in order for a website to be born. Some developers have great design skills and some designers have fantastic development talents. However, you don’t need to be looking for one person to do it all.

My own skills lie very clearly in development, however I now have an outstanding team of designers on board so that my clients can have a seamless service. Win, win you might say.

Got Q’s that I didn’t answer? Leave a comment below and I’ll jump on in to the conversation!



  1. Jane cerami

    Hi laura, found you on periscope and was interested in connecting with you since i’m a graphiC designer trying to branch out to companies who might need my services as well as getting some advice on my own websites which needs revamping and rethinking. Let me know if thats possible. Thanks jane



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