Confession Time: Feeling like a Fraud - Laura Husson

Confession Time: Feeling like a Fraud

It’s not just you. K?

I spent my entire career as a teacher expecting someone to walk into my classroom mid lesson and hoik me outta there because I wasn’t really grown up/responsible/knowledgeable enough to be doing my job.

Sure, my certificates, experience, lesson observation reviews and colleagues would all say otherwise – but I just felt like I wasn’t fully qualified to be doing what I was doing.

Fast forward to six years into my journey as the director of my own company and it’s only now that I’m beginning to feel like I actually deserve to be where I am.

What changed?

I didn’t get more certificates, I wasn’t awarded any special titles and I didn’t move up any ladders particularly.

I worked on my mindset.

It’s a biggie.

In this entrepreneurial world we move in, mindset is EVERYTHING.

Stick with me….

The truth

I hopped from fix to fix just waiting to discover the solution that would help me feel legit in the online world. I signed up to more online courses than I can even count (some I’ve never even logged in to), I hired coaches and I turned every stone trying to find something that made me feel credible.

The truth was – I still felt like a total fraud.

Offering services to build websites made me feel terribly inadequate. To compensate – I kept my prices super low. I mean, who was I to be charging properly for my time when this new person enquiring could hire a real expert for just a little more? I was almost apologising to potential new clients and I was convinced that I could never match up to others out there in my field.

This mindset kept me poor and frantic for the longest time.

The difference between us and ‘them’

Expressions like “You need to get out of your own way” or “You are enough” had previously never made any sense to me. I figured they were something that people said when they didn’t know what else to say. Words without meaning… But all of a sudden it all made sense.

I really AM enough.

I worked really hard on uncovering what my mental blocks were that allowed me to continue to feel like a fraud. I quickly realised that I was placing a whole long list of successful online entrepreneurs on to these pedestals that I felt I would never reach.

Here’s the big secret:

The only difference between being at the bottom of the pedestal or being on top of it – is mindset.

You can bet your bottom dollar that everyone who ever stood out in any area of life – believed that they could. If we can teach ourselves to believe – the rest can take care of itself.

Believe in what you have to offer and the value that you provide.


My unique value (and yours)

The success stories in your world are all human. Just like you and I. They don’t have super powers, skills that you can’t hone or ‘luck’ (that’s a whole other blog post). They believe in their abilities and they stand up and allow themselves to be seen.

Here’s another secret. That other person who does what you do – they aren’t you. What’s more, they never can be.

This matters because once you realise the importance of your unique value there will be no stopping you.

Your customers want to buy from you because of your unique value. They know there are other options out there – but they want to get what they’re in the market for from YOU.

Maybe they like your jokes. Maybe they like your branding. Maybe they love your story and what you stand for. Perhaps you understand their needs better than anyone else they spoke to. Whatever the reason, there will always be customers who appreciate your unique value.

Embrace that. It’s your key to success.

Once you have the key to success, you can walk away from feeling like a fraud. Just like I did.

Stepping up

Once I had recognised my unique value, I was able to decide what I was going to do about showcasing it to the world. Scary as it felt, I knew it was time to uplevel my brand and show just what we were capable of in the one place it mattered most – my own website!

I had a pro photo shoot, worked with a stylist and completely redesigned my own website pixel by pixel. It was terrifying and exhilerating all at the same time.

After launching, I got over myself and enjoyed the positive feedback.

Guess what happened?

Instead of apologising for our prices, I raised them. Even I was able to see how awesome what we were able to do for our clients was. The end result of our work together allows the awesome people we help to show the world their unique value and then some.

Our big lesson: Before our perfect clients are ready to work with us – they need to believe in their value.

See how it all slots together?

Don’t underestimate the power of your own thoughts. Following last week’s post about the most important sale you’ll ever make – if you don’t believe in the value of your offering, no one else will either.

Action: Share in the comments what your unique value is (HINT: it’s usually more than one thing!).



  1. Helen thornber

    I’ve always had The knack for briNging Things together that don’t naturAlly go together but can uncover new oppOrtunities, ideas & sOLutions when they do. I’m also pRetty good at Helping people understand Something that seems like gobbledegook from another planet!

    1. Laura Husson Post author

      Hi Helen,

      it’s great that you know your strengths. Are you showcasing that unique value to potential new clients?


  2. Kevin Brown

    I stumbled across your site via the divi users page on facebook. After looking around your site I started reading your blog (this one specifically). Your journey sounds so much like mine. Although, I’ve only been on my own for 16 months, I worked for 2 agencies for over 14 years doing web design and development. You’d think that after all that time I would have enough confidence to take the world on. But I found myself doubting my abilities, accepting any job that came along, and not “selling” what i do well. Like you, I sought other pros selling their “how to be a freelancer” courses, spending thousands to have them tell me what to do. SOme of it was helpful, some of it felt like I was funding their endeavors.

    My strengths include creating easy-to-use wordpress admin areas. So many clients struggle with updating their site because they can’t figure it out. I provide video training and walk them through every part of their website. I also provide a hosting/maintenance package that includes keeping their site up-to-date and running smoothly. I could literally go on for an hour, but I’ll spare you. 🙂 Thank you for the timely and inspirational blog post. Keep going, because of you, I’ll keep going too.


    1. Laura Husson Post author

      Glad to see you here Kevin!

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment. It’s so important to be able to just stop and acknowledge the journey we have been on to bring us to the NOW.



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