Is your Home Page Wearing a Multi-way Bra? - Laura Husson

Is your Home Page Wearing a Multi-way Bra?

Sounds weird but stick with me.

For the uninitiated, a multi-way bra promises the world. You can wear it in a whole plethora of ways and magically disguise your bra straps no matter how daring your outfit is.

The problem with these bras is – they do lots of things, but they don’t do any of them very well.

  • It isn’t really comfortable enough for everyday wear.
  • Wearing it strapless means you have to constantly hoik it back up your body all evening.
  • Halter neck style pinches it in under your arms and makes little under arm boobs (not a look I can ever imagine aiming for).

Catch my drift?

I’d much rather invest in a bra that’s designed for a specific purpose – and that can do it’s job darned well. No matter which way you wear your multi-way bra, it’s just not a good fit.

How does this relate to your website?

So glad you asked.

The biggest mistake we see businesses make with their websites is this:

They try to be everything to everybody.

You don’t need to offer the solution to every single question everybody ever had about your topic right there on your home page. You just need to show that you’re the person for the job – and that by working with you or buying your product, they’re going to get the best result for their money.

Sounds simple when you lay it out like that – and really it is. But translating this simplicity into a web design that delivers a succinct hit-em-between-the-eyeballs message is no easy task. It takes a great deal of planning, strategising and consideration.

Here’s my 5 simple steps to making sure your home page isn’t trying to squeeze itself into a multi-way bra:

1. Get super clear on what the single message that you want to deliver about your business is – You can do this by brainstorming exactly what it is that’s unique about you and the results you get for people. What do people say after they experience your product or service?

2. Communicate the single way that you help people in a clear statement in an eye catching way on your home page. This should be front and center and should be free from surrounding clutter or distraction. My fave resource for this exercise is over here.

3. Decide on the one action that you want people to take when they land on your home page for the first time (HINT: They should be opting in to your mailing list). Create your call to action and tie that in with the step above for the winning combination.

4. Be ruthless with everything else on your home page. The simple test – ask the question: “Does this serve the purpose of driving my visitors towards either a.) opting in or b.) clicking to another page on my site to learn more?”. If the answer is NO – bin it. The cleaner and simpler you can keep your home page the better.

5. Adopt the first date strategy. You’re giving visitors a flavour of what you’re about in the hopes they stick around for me. Tease them with just enough that let’s them know you hold solutions to their problems and they’ll be on to the second date (or your about page) before you know it.

As I mentioned before, this isn’t an easy task for most of us to do for our own businesses. It’s ok to reach out and ask for help. Once you can gain CLARITY – you’ll breeze it. It’s worth the investment because, clarity is exactly what your web visitors need when they come to your site.

Bonus insight:

Your home page is not always the first page your visitors will see – think of it as the front cover of a magazine so that if they find the magazine open, when they flip to the front they’re going to be impressed with what they see.

How’s your home page doing right now? If it could do with a refresh, follow the steps above and then leave your link in the comments below to show off your hard work.

Want feedback? That’s fine too – join in the discussion and let’s get those home pages out of their multi-way bras quick smart (bye bye under arm boobage!).




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