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How to DIY Your Website Like a Pro

Running an online business is hard work.

Starting an online business is even harder.

Typically the process goes something like:

1. Realise that you have something people are willing to pay for (knowledge/skills/products)

2. Decide to try it out online

3. Join a bunch of Facebook groups and ask for everyone’s opinion of what you should do first

4. Decide to build a website

5. Get stuck for a realllllllllly long time

There may be a bunch of other steps between 2 and 5. However, inevitably – if you’re building out your website yourself, you’re going to end up at point no. 5 sooner rather than later.

Why does this happen?


You don’t make money while you’re spending hours and hours digging through Theme Forest looking for the perfect theme to represent your business.

It’s ok. We’ve all been there (yes even me… it was like a weird obsession back in the early days).

Once you finally get it together and have your pages in order, menus working, a logo in place and even some offers to share – you don’t like what you’ve got.


Because it’s a compromise.

We don’t like compromise.

We want to look good online.

We want the people who are checking us out to be wowed at what we’re building and most of all – we wanna look professional (even when we’re just starting out).

And that’s all as it should be.

Herein lies the problem:

You’re not in your zone of genius when it comes to building websites so it takes way more time than you estimated.

Even when you’re right at the beginning and trying to do everything on a shoestring budget – it pays to take stock of how many hours it’s costing you to be focusing on something you could be making so much easier for yourself.

Your hours equal money. More specifically – your hours wasted on activities that take you far too long cost your business time and potential sales.

I have the solution

We work with entrepreneurs and coaches who are ready to uplevel their online businesses in a significant way. Typically this means that we aren’t the right choice for you if you’re just starting out.


Because investing thousands of $$$ into your website when you’re brand new and untested is not a smart move. It would be irresponsible of me to take your money.

Cue Maximum Lift…

I really really don’t like saying no.

I specifically really REALLY don’t like saying no to helping entrepreneurs who are brave enough to be stepping out in to this online world we move in.


Introducing something brand shiny new to the world of Husson Media:


Here’s the thing – I’ve been in business since 2009 helping hundreds of online business owners map out how to attract their perfect clients and customers. This is the secret sauce that makes our business so successful.

Our websites are built on strategy. They work. And they look mighty fine.

Now, for the first time – we’ve created a product that allows me to deliver an irresistible combo of:

  • The best of what I know about online business
  • Beautiful design
  • Tech how to that’s ridiculously easy to action

Drum roll……..

Maximum Lift is an all in one solution that’s ideal for you if you need to get online fast without getting stuck in the endless website creation head spin that so many entrepreneurs get stuck in.

This is the reassurance to know that you don’t have choose between going it alone or hiring someone to do it for you. We’ve got the middle ground (and you still get to take all the credit).

We’ll take care of all the fiddling you have to do with your domain and hosting.

We’ll give you a design that we’ve custom made for entrepreneurs who need to start making a name for themselves online today.

We’ll give you a whole library of easy to follow video tutorials to show you how to put your own words and images in place and share your new site with the world.

In short you can be online and live as quickly as you can hit publish.

No more wasted hours.

No more tech headaches.

No more waiting on hold to live chat for support.

Just, you and your business – looking good online. Finally.

What’s the catch?

There isn’t one. This week we’re taking a group of beta testers through the process of finalising our tutorials and making sure we have this streamlined to perfection for you.

If you want to jump in on that beta group click THIS LINK to secure your slot right now.

Here’s to looking good online.


Feeling stuck on something related to your website? Leave me a comment below and I’ll pick one person each week to receive personal help or advice from me for free.

Share this with your buddies – they can thank you later.





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