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The Most Important Sale you will Ever Make

I love a new year. A blank canvas, a fresh start, a clean slate.

Following the beautiful bubble of maternity leave, this week is my first week back in the saddle here.

Wanna know a secret?

I was petrified.

Scared of not having that same ‘in love’ feeling with my business as I had before babyland. Worried that I would have fallen off the map of people who’ve made an impact in this digi world we orbit in.


Here’s the thing – your mindset is infectious. While I was in doubt and operating on a level of nervousness and uncertainty – potential new clients were picking up on my vibe. The flow was blocked. Eesh.

Not a good feeling.

Yesterday, whilst planning for the next 90 days, I was identifying previous areas of weakness in the business. I came to reviewing how my own business was showing up and realised that I was feeling less than average about the way we showcase our completed projects.

Our end results are our shining jewels. The proof in our pudding.

LIGHTBULB – Why aren’t we shouting about these from the rooftops?!


I spent time re-imagining the vision for how we wanted to show off our passion for what we do here on the website. With this concept locked off, I then went the extra step to following through and acting upon that vision to enhance how we display our work.

The result?

My updated portfolio page looks insane. Even I’m wanting to book our services and this reminded me – the most important sale you ever make is the one where you sell yourself on what you do.

This took a total of three hours from realisation to completed implementation.


That three hours enabled me to transition from a negative mindset right the way through to euphoric celebration of how awesome we are at what we do.

I was able to acknowledge how proud I am of what we do. How awesome the relationships we have with our clients are – and most importantly, that every crappy situation is a golden opportunity in disguise.


While people can detect when you’re feeling unsure, when you’re vibrating on a level of pure infatuation in what you do – that’s just plain irresistible.

I popped into one of my favourite Facebook groups to share my epiphany. I wanted to remind others that spending time on your own business isn’t wasted. Within minutes I had three private messages reinforcing just how gorgeous our work is and asking to schedule enquiry calls.

I’d say that was three hours well invested. Agreed?

The Moral of my story:

Simple, small, easy to action steps can have a mega impact. When you feel in crazy love with your products/services, it only leads to beautiful things.

What tiny step can you take to fall head over heels in love with your business today?




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