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Do you believe in magic?




Call it what you will.

The Universe sometimes moves in the most mysterious of ways.

This week, whilst browsing through my long list of bookmarked websites I wanted to read through ‘one day’ – the weirdest thing happened.

I was fully absorbed in the compelling copy I was reading on the about page of the particular site I was reading. I didn’t know the owner of the site, nor could I tell you how she became added to my saved for later list – but the copy sucked me in.

As I was reading, I saw a notification ping up in the corner of my screen with her name on it.

I was impressed. Presuming this lady must have some kind of system in place where she can detect who is on her site and send them a message I went off in search of the notification.

What I found

I couldn’t find the mysterious notification anywhere. I gave up the search and went off to check my email.

There she was.

Sitting in my inbox fresh as a daisy – an email from the lady whose website copy I had been devouring.

It wasn’t any old email. This was a new website enquiry.

From the same lady whose very website I was just surfing at exactly the same time she was emailing me about a website upgrade?

How is that even possible?

“What’s for you won’t go by you”

My gran used to say that to me. Truth be told, it never really made any sense to me until I grew up and started seeing it in motion.

You don’t have to chase so hard.

You don’t have to figure out the elusive killer recipe for success (there isn’t one).

You don’t have to worry.

When you push – the thing you’re pushing tends to pull away. It’s science. And you can’t fight science.

Instead of all the pushing…

What if you just let go?

What if you just trust that what’s for you won’t go by you?

What if there really is magic waiting to happen?

I’m a believer

Believing is key to attracting the magic.

I truly believe in all things being possible.

Those around me often call me “lucky”. They see me attracting the good stuff into my life and have no idea how I do it.

It’s simple.

I believe that we make our own “luck”.

In reality, I’m no luckier than you, your buddy or your buddy’s buddy. The only difference is the belief that good things are coming my way – and they do. All. The. Time.

Embracing the woo

This isn’t something I’ve declared openly here before – but it feels time to acknowledge this properly.

I’m a little bit of a woo woo fan.

There. I said it.

I love me a bit of visualisation, positive affirmation, EFT/tapping and good old meditation (a work in progress).

Does it make me crazy? No.

Is it scientifically proven? I don’t need it to be.


Just yesterday, I had a call with my business success coach, Michelle. During that call, Michelle asked me if I had a connection to the (uber high profile) entrepreneur, Ali Brown. I didn’t, but told her that I’d be very open to having one. At the end of our session we included it in our visualisation. We imagined me in a room shaking hands with her and saying how good it was to finally meet her…

Today, I had a call with a business buddy here in the UK who was sharing the info about her new global collective for high performing women. Part of their package for the first year includes three journeys.

The first one is in April.

In Paris.

With Ali Brown.


I’ll keep this short and sweet. It’s not my usual type of value sharing – but it’s a message I feel more people could do with embracing.

If you’re open to a bit of woo/’luck’/magic in your life, here’s some great suggested reading:

  • Lucky Bitch, Denise Duffield-Thomas
  • E-squared, Pam Grout
  • The Big Leap, Gay Hendricks

I believe in the power of positive thinking and feel good vibes.

If this stuff works just because it makes me feel good – so be it. I’ll take it. And more. There’s no escaping the fact that as soon as I opened myself up to infinite possibilities – they started finding me.

And I’m just like you.

Take action

Leave a comment below stating your big goal intention. Apparently I’m lucky remember 😉

Set the intention, believe it to be true and keep me posted with what happens – won’t you?


    1. Laura Husson Post author

      Thank you Jen, I’m honoured to know you. You’re a super smart thinker and you inspire me every time we connect 🙂

  1. Joella

    My big goal: have an international brand that brings ergonomics and well-being to all aspects of an indivdual’s life. I say, “how you do everything affects the way you feel!”.
    Thank you, for sharing Your woo woo story. That is how i live my life, from thE inside out.

    1. Laura Husson Post author

      Hi Joella,

      Wow I wish you were near me.

      I’m focusing on attracting the ideal office chair into my life.

      Thanks so much for stopping by. Keep us updated with your goal!

  2. Liesje sadonius

    Hi Beautiful lady!

    Yes, yes and Yes!!
    I definitely believe in magic, as I’m sure you could’ve guessed 😉
    Love this post! thanks for sharing Laura.
    Let’s all have more magic in our lives!

  3. Jen @lifewrangling

    I don’t know where i heard it, Jim Rohn maybe, but i love the Idea that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity. That sounds exactly like what you have been doing.
    My big goal is to create my first product to sell on my blog.

    1. Laura Husson Post author

      That’s a brilliant quote Jen! I need a print of that in my office 🙂

      Keep me posted on your progress!

  4. Melissa

    My big goal intention is to motivate and influence people to be their ultimate change. Being true to who they are and to work at bringing out their incredible to make on impact on themselves and others.
    hard to change people’s conditioning but when one is willing and true to who they are at their core i believe then the rest of the area’s in life will follow. I will 🙂

  5. Kendra

    I love when that kind of thing happens! (you know your supposed to work with that client!)

    Also – I just received “lucky, bitch”, in the mail today!

  6. Kristin

    Oh, I love this post! and I loooove woo-woo!

    I’m manifesting that trip to Maui that i feel i deserve. And i’m getting there by serving a bunch of beautiful women, helping them fall back into love with food, themselves and their lives .



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