Meet my inbox besties - Laura Husson

Meet my inbox besties

I bet you’re just like me.

You sign up for freebies, video training and webinars all the time and end up with an inbox that would do a jungle proud. After that initial enthusiastic connection, the emails that follow are all a bit… meh.

Sound familiar?

Today I’d like to introduce you to three lovely ladies who all make my inbox a happier place. These women are my email marketing role models. They communicate in style, they make it personal and most importantly – they make it count.

I’ve never once deleted an email that has arrived courtesy of one of these girls without reading it in full.

Why do I want to share them with you?

Because relationship building matters.

If all you see in your inbox is spammy inauthentic sales material or lame attempts at trying to sound like the email has come just to you (when really we know it’s gone EVERYWHERE) – you’re not going to find your own way of creating email correspondence that makes people like you.

Why does that matter Laura?

It matters because if you’ve been listening to any marketing pros at all – you’ll know that the money is all in your list. Build an email list, strike up relationships and allow people to fall in love with you and your business.

There’s an art to this and it’s not the art of fake scarcity tactics (“This is the LAST opportunity ever in the history of the world to work with ME at this insane price” – for the tenth time from the same person), boring status updates (me, me, ME syndrome) or generic advice you’ve heard a thousand times that doesn’t interest you.

The reason I know that the friends I want to introduce you to today are outstanding with their email marketing – is because I met them all through their email lists first. I got to know their style(s), hung out in their spaces with them when they invited me in and now – I’m delighted to say that they’re all very good friends.

Not only are they my friends but they are fantastic examples of how to email market like a pro. Without being sleazy, pushy, spammy or fake. Think that sounds like a tall order? Jump on their lists and take them for an inbox test drive yourself.

Without further ado… Meet my inbox besties:

Marsha Shandur – Yes Yes Marsha

10690257_329072400605721_6291491853214091407_nMarsha is hilarious. Funny is enough of a reason alone to get on her list and check out how she communicates with her audience.

When I see Marsha’s name in my inbox I know that it’s time to take a break from what I’m doing, grab a hot drink and dig in. Almost in the same way that I indulge in a page-turner of a novel – Marsha has me hooked and I’m not ashamed to say it.

Storytelling at its very best – if ever you didn’t believe in the power of sharing your stories and experiences, prepare to have your mind changed. For real.

Nikki Elledge Brown – The Communication Stylist

10344333_281038292076256_3136586328901886946_oWithout a doubt, Nikki is the queen of all things communication. I’m happy to be polishing her crown.

Nikki delivers email content that speaks so directly to her people it’s astonishing. Lots of great lessons to be learned, amazing value in her content and an engaging glimpse of her fun and light-hearted personality (and self-confessed perfectionism battles).

If you’re a non-believer in the ability for communication to give your audience the opportunity to know, like and trust you then you must see Nikki in (inbox) action.

Jo Gifford – The Dexterous Diva

10497204_666613026737300_5809838385224531291_oJo is my newest inbox bestie. I haven’t been on her list for very long – but what I’ve seen so far has blown me away every time.

I signed up for her mini blogging challenge and was amazed that I found myself actually taking action. Not only that but her stuff worked.

Hands up if you’ve signed up for a free challenge of some kind that sounded like just the thing that your business needed and you never opened a single email? That’d be me.

Jo is the exception to the rule for the above in my inbox and for that reason I highly recommend checking her out. The emails that have come since have always caught my eye because I know she’s someone who really knows what she’s talking about.

So that’s it. My run down of three chicas who are doing the email marketing thing right.

Over to you!

Who lights up your inbox and makes you pay attention? I’d love to find some more inspirational marketeers to buddy up with.

Leave me your suggestions in the comments below and let’s transform our inboxes from overwhelming tangles of similar looking emails into shining beacons of delight that we can’t wait to digest. Too much? Let’s see



  1. Stacey Herrera

    I have a few inbox besties too!

    Michelle kirsch – transformational life coach… Meditations, easy actionables. Simple + effective. SHE’S JUST GREAT!

    Danielle Laporte – strategist/Creator… nuff’ said

    Alexandra Franzen – Writer… Her prose is magical. I love how she gives it to you straight, but in a feel good, you can do anything kinda way. Her words inspire me… always.

    Laura Probert – Physical Therapist/Writer… she’s extraordinary. Her words resonate so deeply. Raw, real, inspiring. #Mustread



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