How to Raise Your Rates and Attract More Clients

How to Raise your Rates and attract more clients

In the early days of running my online business I was almost apologetic that people were giving me money in exchange for my services.

Crazy – right?

We’ve all been there at some point. We’re new so we don’t feel qualified to charge appropriately for our time and skills. It’s not costing us anything other than our time to carry out the work that has been requested so who cares how much we charge (or don’t as the case may be)?

I’ll tell you who should care -YOU!

This has been without a doubt the biggest block to my financial success in the time I’ve been running my own business. For the longest time I was convinced I had to be delivering the best results at the lowest possible costs. Oops.

How wrong was I?

What life looked like…

I was running myself ragged and working stupid amounts of hours to barely make ends meet. I wa stressed about paying the bills on time and convinced that I’d have to get a job just to make ends meet.

What I did about it…

I worked on my money mindset like there was no tomorrow.

Sound a bit too woo woo for you?

I hear ya.

I felt the same.

Just asking the sky for money isn’t the key to financial success as we all know. But I knew there was something worth exploring in understanding my own relationship with money before I could do anything to increase my income.

Enter the Lucky Bitch herself

In my travels around the internet I came across Denise Duffield Thomas – AKA the Lucky Bitch.

Denise’s blog was filled with posts that really made sense to me. It was like she was talking directly to me. Her content was irresistible and I devoured it like there was no tomorrow.

I went through her pricing course and could have kicked myself. I’d been ridiculously undercharging this whole time! I mean, seriously… We were selling websites for as low as $197 just because we didn’t believe we could get clients to pay more than that.

Sheesh. I actually just blushed typing that!

What happened next…

I saw immediate results from putting Denise’s no nonsense advice into practice. Now I wanted more.

Lucky for me – there was more to be found. In the name of the Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp.

I got as far as the sales page and then I faltered. Convinced this was just a load of airy fairy theories that couldn’t yikes real results I walked away.

Again I hit an income ceiling. Things were better but I still couldn’t relax. It was touch and go as to whether I’d be able to ‘afford’ to get my hair done or to go for a fancy dinner.

Something had to change.

It was time.

I went back to the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp sales page and this time I took a deep breath and signed up.

For a moment I had buyers remorse. Here I was again being sucked into yet another online course when I should probably be spending that money elsewhere (the irony of money blocks about investing in a course about unblocking money blocks is not lost I trust!).

The exhale…

Once again I found myself devouring Denise’s super simple content and taking action.

I started investing in myself in a different way. I realised that in order to grow the business and make the money I believed was out of reach – I had to work on myself first.

So – my rates went up. And guess what? I felt GREAT about it. I hired a team member to help me with development and started to understand the value in what I was giving people.

The week I raised my rates properly, I booked three new awesome clients. They felt great about our relationship and instead of telling us what to do – they were asking for advice.


Our clients saw that we placed great value on our own time. As a result they respected our time, they stuck to deadlines. They actioned our advice and they walked away with results they were thrilled with.


One question.

Why hadn’t I done this sooner?

I didn’t know how.

Thanks to Denise and her LB community I had the systems and support I needed to recognise my value and charge for it accordingly.

What life looks like now…

Now I really am a Lucky B.

I moved into a much bigger house (where the rent is more than my entire months teaching salary was)

I drive a new car.

We travel. A lot.

We enjoy the freedom as a family to work with who we want, when we want.

And best of all – our clients love us for it.

The moral to the story…

If you’re struggling to charge what you’d really like to or feel like you’ll only ever be stuck struggling to pay the bills, run as fast as your digi legs will carry you to Denise’s corner of the www.

If you want to fast track then head straight to the top and join me in the Lucky B Money Bootcamp. I’m a proud partner of this programme simply because of the epic results I’ve enjoyed since enrolling. It’d just be plain wrong of me to keep this goodness to myself.


Take Action

In the comments below – tell me one area that’s blocking you from making the money you’d love to be generating in your life and I’ll share some awesome resources to help you bust through!



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