Laura Husson


The resources below are all COMPLETE NO-BRAINERS.

Every single thing on this page I have absorbed, implemented and seen epic results from.

Some of the links here are affiliate (because that’s how MUCH I love them). It’s always fair to share.

Books (Read these and thank me later)

The Big Leap – Gay Hendricks

Self Coaching 101 – Brooke Castillo

COURSES (Ones that make a world altering difference)

Lucky Bitch Money Bootcamp – Denise Duffield Thomas’ money mindset course has quite seriously changed my life. So much so that I’m featured on her intro video. #Fame

A Course About Copy – Without this course – this website would have a LOT more scrollin’ goin’ on. If you’re ready to write like you mean it – this is your spot.

Create Awesome Online Courses – Putting an online course together? This blueprint will see you actually make it happen.

Stress Less & Impress – A hidden gem. The systems that this baby helped me setup took my biz from email spaghetti to shining beacon of organised comms. Can you feel your shoulders relaxing already?


Camtasia – I use this to create video tutorials of my screen in action)

Infusionsoft – Email list handling on steroids – my first pro upgrade investment and boyyyyy was it worth it)

OptimizePress – Sales page plugin that is my go to resource)


Michelle Simmonds – Feeling panicked? Doubting your business? Worried about the competition? Book yourself in with Michelle ASAP. You’re welcome.


Lucky Bitch – Money mindset and business tips galore

Nikki Elledge Brown – Copy tips and glorious biz lessons

Kendrick Shope – My own coach and biz buddy giving you Authentic Selling tips and tricks