Ten things you didn't know about me... - Laura Husson

Ten things you didn’t know about me…

Ten secrets

1. I’m a total adrenaline junkie and love pushing my own limits. I have been skydiving, shark diving, white water rafting and even walked on hot coals.

2. I trained to compete in the British Olympic Swim team as a teenager. I heart water.

3. I have a Pacific Island tattoo on my body that was free handed directly on to my skin. And I adore it.

4. I have severe wanderlust. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the globe far and wide and had all kinds of amazing experiences. The to go to list is long still.

5. I have posed for a life drawing that I have stored in my bedroom.

6. I live on a small island that is only 32 miles by 17 wide (at its largest). As such I have issues when I’m more than 10 miles from the ocean.

7. I have taken the same flight as Richard Branson – twice. The first time his luggage got lost and the second time we joked about that story.

8. I am a ‘retired’ school teacher. I taught young children for 7 years before realising my childhood dream of being my own boss.

9. I’m away from my husband for more than half of each year. We’re on constant countdown to our next time together and make the most of every moment we have in the same hemisphere (heart).

10. I love attending live music events. The bigger, the better. We have two huge music festivals on the Isle of Wight each year and my whole summer is planned accordingly.

How about you? Leave me a comment below with ONE thing that people would never guess about you – let’s get to know each other!



  1. Kat Bern | Dream Home Creator

    Well, the one thing that noone would’ve guessed about me is that I used to listen to heavy metal. Like… all the time. I was the chick in the front row at Iron Maiden concerts. True story. Oh how everything changes… 😉



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