Fantasy Clients - Are they like unicorns? - Laura Husson

Fantasy Clients – Are they like unicorns?

First and foremost:

Fantasy clients DO EXIST… (lots and lots of them)


There’s more than one, single fantasy client out there. In fact, there’s an endless list of them waiting to work with you.

The more refined and confident you get with how you can help them, the more they will emerge from the woodwork.

When we work for ourselves, we condition ourselves to believe that the clients will eventually run out or that people will stop enquiring about our services.

We truly think that this is a forgone conclusion.

It’s time to change all that.

When we operate from a mindset of scarcity, we believe that we have to say yes to people even when they’re not a great fit.

That, my friend – is exactly where the problems can kick in. But we’re not gonna let that happen to you.

When you work with a perfect fit client for the first time it wouldn’t be over the top to say – things change forever.

Your mind is blown.


  • Instead of feeling like you’re ‘working’ (note the inverted commas), you have a feeling reminiscent of your school days. You know… when you couldn’t wait to hang out with your buddy in the playground and lose yourselves in the latest imaginary situation you’re both favouring…
  • Walking away from every ‘client’ interaction with a feeling of walking on air due to your awesome chemistry…
  • Feeling a tiny bit amazed that it can be this much fun to make money…

When you find the one – you just know. You know?

The beauty here is that you seriously can believe that behind every client that ticks all of your feel good boxes – there are several more just waiting to discover you.

Preparing to Work with Fantasy Clients

This next bit can be scary.

Secret: what I’m about to share is the bit where most people lose their confidence – and ultimately miss out on a very, very good thing.

Deep breath. We’re going in.

In order to make room for your fantasy clients to arrive, you need to do the following three things:


1. You need to screen your new enquiries with care and ensure that you only say yes to the perfect match.


In order to do that – you have to be rigourous with your intake procedure. Instead of viewing the first interactions as an opportunity to prove yourself to them, use it as an opportunity to get to know each other. This has to be an equal partnership. For epic results you both have to be in it 100%.

Bonus tip: Add a ‘where did you hear about me?’ Q to your enquiry form. Take note of the answers there. They’re gigantic clues as to where your fantasy crew are hanging out. Spend more time there yourself and the result should be more perfect partnerships. It really is that simple!


2. You need to form a break up plan for clients who turn out to be the wrong fit.


It’s gross, I totally hear you. Sometimes, you just have to know when to call it a day.

Slogging your guts out with one client can feel like it’s just a part of the way things roll – until you find the flow with a dream fit client. Then the ultra bright halogen lightbulbs flash in your face and there’s no denying – you said yes to the wrong person.

Don’t beat yourself up. But do know when it’s time to break up – and do it with kindness

It would be perfectly natural to allow the doubt to creep in at this juncture. Those old familiar scarcity thoughts try to nudge in “what if you don’t find a client to replace this one?” and “what if this is as good as gets?” being the two most familiar culprits.

If you’re still reading, you should now know the answer to both of these questions.

Keep a folder of dream fit enquiries to look back on in moments of doubt and see that your fantasy people DO want to work with you.


3. Have a celebration as new fantasy client enquiries come in.


Seriously! Ring a bell, scatter digital confetti, take a dance break – whatever feels good to you. Embrace the enquiries and introductions that excite you positively.

By acknowledging the good stuff, you send out the good vibrations that kick off the Law of Attraction principals.

Gratitude is a key player in the magnetic force that we’re creating for you here. Even if it feels kinda odd – keep practising it.

3 Steps to Attracting Fantasy Clients

Hit the button below to grab your FREE copy of my Fantasy Client Attraction Planner. It will be instantly delivered to your inbox ready for you to download and complete.

You’re just 3 steps away from attracting more of your fantasy clients!

Note: I’ve made this so that you can complete it in digi form but for best results, print it out (in colour) and stick it somewhere prominent in your work space. Glance at it often and know that your fantasy buddies are out there waiting to work with you.



In the comments below share your fantasy client experiences. How does working with them make you feel? How do you (or could you) attract more of them?

Download your Fantasy Client Attraction Planner by hitting the button above, then share your lightbulb moments with us here.

I can’t wait to celebrate with you!



  1. Marsha from

    omg, I was JUST thinking about this exact thing!! Last night, I was working with a client, and we spent three hours together, laughing, connecting, and I was thinking, ‘Flipping heck, HOW am I so lucky that I get to work with people I would want to hang out with anyway?!”

    – and you know what I’d add here: I really think having the right branding (on my site, my blogs, my videos) brings in your dreamies too – because they’re drawn to the same things you are!

    “Bonus tip: Add a ‘where did you hear about me?’ Q to your enquiry form” – i LOVE this idea – thanks!

    What a great post!

    1. Laura Husson Post author

      Yay to aligned thinking!

      100% agree to the right branding comment. People feel subconsciously drawn to you and trust that you’re legit when you have a professional brand behind you.

  2. Apryl

    Love this, Laura! I added the “where did you find me” question some time ago and its really helped me see where i should focus my efforts! I’ve Also to fire a client and went through all the emotions You described. Great Blog – spot on.

    1. Laura Husson Post author

      Hi Apryl, Thanks so much for reading. ‘Firing’ (or releasing as I prefer to call it) clients is the hardest thing but it’s the biggest growth indicator. Deep breath!

  3. Hattie

    Amazing! I’m totally all for saying no to the wrong people so i can say yes to the Right ones! Its aWful to go to work (Or, errr…downstairs to my desk) feeling like you have to Just “get through it” like a bad bLind date!



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